Simple Ways To Enhance Your Singing Voice
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Simple Ways To Enhance Your Singing Voice

Melodious voice is a gift from God. Some are born with this quality and some people have to work hard to reach this level of perfectness. Singing is itself considered comparatively easy from other core fields but it’s not that simple as it seems. Speaking and singing are two different things to compare. If someone has a harmonious sound when they speak that doesn’t mean they can sing as well. Singing deals with resonance, pace, pitch, voice range, relaxation, and rhythm.

Where some have God gifted voices, some feel stuck with the way they sing as well. They can improve it through simple techniques. First of all, there is a need to focus on which area needs development. Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. Then retain your strengths via proper experiments, practice and work on your weak area. Some common problems vocalist normally face is:

  • Gasp breathes
  • Voice cracks
  • Throat hurting after singing song
  • Difficulty in reaching high notes 
  • Nasal sound 
  • Sloppy diction
Here are some simple ways to improve your singing voice:

Tall Posture

The first and simplest technique to improve your vocal is a tall posture. This is something important to consider as many singing teachers and singers give more attention to it. They take several lessons and lectures every week for the right posture while they sing. To optimize your body for singing purposes, you need to bring your feet to about shoulder-width apart so that your feet and shoulder are in line together. And you have to keep your head straight, not to stretch your neck forward up or down. Normally, this concept is taken very lightly and singers adopt their positions in front of the mic. It’s not about confidence but the right position of your body helps you to enhance your voice quality.


Warm-up for some time will benefit you in two ways. Firstly it can clear up and clean your vocal folds because oftentimes you have a bit of mucus or maybe it’s caused by acid reflux and secondly, it supplies a little bit more blood flow to the area which is going to, in return allow you to stretch you more and push you further and your high notes become easier with it. According to at every practicing session of singers, there should be around 10 to 20 minutes for warm-up. And to give relaxation to your throat, there are proper warm-up exercises, for example, open vowel warm-up, humming exercises, lip and tongue roll, and lip trill or bubble. You can even practice singing with karaoke.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Without proper breath support, one can’t properly sing. When you breathe through diaphragm it provides necessary support to your voice especially in case of high note song. It’s all about inhaling efficiently and letting the diaphragm muscle move down and then exhaling. It’s better to practice in front of the mirror because, while you are inhaling from diaphragm you have to make sure your stomach always expands on the inhale. So, this breathing technique can enhance your voice quality.

Drink Plenty of Water

It’s one of the simplest ways to clear and enhance your vocal quality. Taking a lot of H2O can benefit you in many ways. Many singers don’t pay much attention to it but if you want to be a good vocalist you have to drink enough water regularly. Coldwater is not recommended. You have to take a bit of warm water. Because cold water can damage your vocal cords. Warm water will not only fasten the flow into your digestive system but also assists in producing less mucus.

Food Intake

What’s your intake, matters the most. Popular and famous singers take care of the quality of the food they eat. The food due to which their throat can suffer they try to avoid it. Normally it is recommendable to avoid dairy products like ice cream, yogurt, cheese, etc. Because they cause more phlegm in the throat. But if you have eaten such food, don’t forget to take warm water after. It’s better to avoid greasy and oily food as much as you can because it will help you in retaining your sound quality.

Know Your Voice Type

There are different singing styles. A single person cannot sing in all styles. You have to figure out what your singing style is. Then improvement becomes easy when you are known to your particular style. Because with your voice type you will sing well from your heart and soul. You can enhance the already existing style in which you use to sing. It’s difficult to learn a new style that is not of your caliber.

With the help of the above mentioned some simple techniques, you can increase your vocal range. If you want to be famous among the audience you need to work hard to improve your qualities. No one is perfect in his job. There is always room for improvement. Many people live with a dream to stand on a big stage behind a mic and a giant crowd in front of them waving and applauding them. For that, you have to drive yourself to reach this goal.


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