Emancipator Releases Curated 'Chill at Home' Spotify Playlist

Emancipator Releases Curated 'Chill at Home' Spotify Playlist – and its Amazing

Emancipator released his first-ever Loci Records curated Spotify playlist, “Chill at Home”, and it’s everything we needed right now. We love a good all-day playlist and this is a dope way to spend 3.5-hours with tons of chill instrumental lo-fi. 

The Loci Records curated playlists are a new collection of a “revolving cast of curators providing an eclectic mix of chill music ranging from electronic, downtempo, atmospheric, indie, etc”. Emancipator is just the first of many rotating artists who will be curating their selections every other week. 

We were surprised at just how eclectic this mix was – not every track will put you to sleep. There’s some instrumental breakbeat in there as well as some dope tribal to keep you guessing. 

We definitely enjoyed getting a sneak peek into Emancipator’s favorite chill tracks.

Speaking of Emancipator – be on the lookout for a new studio album Mountain of Memory out on April 3. 

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