Elohim Chronicles Mental Health Journey in Captivating New Single, "Can't Remember Your Name"
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Elohim Chronicles Mental Health Journey in Captivating New Single, “Can’t Remember Your Name”


Los Angeles-based artist Elohim has released a poignant new single, “Can’t Remember Your Name,” marking her first musical offering of 2024. Following the release of her raw and vulnerable track, “Broken Face,” in December, Elohim delves even deeper into her personal struggles with mental health in her latest release.

“Can’t Remember Your Name” explores Elohim’s harrowing experiences with prescription medication, a battle she faced while on tour in the fall of 2023. After grappling with overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks, Elohim found herself relying on benzodiazepines to cope, ultimately escalating to dangerously high dosages.

In just two weeks, Elohim experienced drastic physical and mental deterioration, prompting her team to intervene and prioritize her health. Reflecting on her journey, Elohim shares, “Medication has been both life-saving and life-changing for me, but it also led me down a dark and unhealthy path.”

The decision to cancel her tour and focus on her well-being was pivotal for Elohim, who now embraces a comprehensive treatment plan that includes SSRIs, exercise, and intensive therapy. Through her music, Elohim candidly explores the highs and lows of her medication journey, offering listeners a glimpse into her healing process.

“Can’t Remember Your Name” is a dance-focused and bass-heavy track, showcasing Elohim’s versatility as a musical chameleon. Swelling basslines, echoing synths, and an infectious beat serve as the backdrop for Elohim’s ethereal vocals, creating an immersive sonic experience.

For Elohim, writing has become a therapeutic outlet during her healing journey. “2023 was a challenging year for me, and writing has been quite therapeutic,” she shares. “There are moments when I’m writing and I get so lost, I forget about my problems for a moment in time.”

The single is also accompanied by a visualizer, further immersing listeners in Elohim’s introspective world.


With echoes of vulnerability and resilience, “Can’t Remember Your Name” is a stirring testament to Elohim’s journey toward mental wellness.

Amassing over 600 million streams worldwide, Elohim continues to captivate audiences with her unique vision and candid storytelling. Through her music, she serves as an inspiration to others navigating their own mental health struggles, proving that healing is possible.

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