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Edgy Pop Artist Elliot Lee Explores An 'Upside Down' World [Listen]

Elliot Lee is a new name to me, but after diving into her discography a bit, I’ve become a new fan. Her bright and vibrant aesthetic reflected on her song covers is contrasted with her edgy, yet crisp vocals. With Elliot’s newest release, “Upside Down,” she dives into the genre of indie-pop bops. The single represents how sometimes you feel like you’re at the bottom of the world, like nothing can get worse, and wishing it was the opposite. This is a feeling that many of us relate to daily.

Her lyrics are interwoven with the beat in her “Upside Down” world flawlessly, giving the listener clarity to the meaning of the song. Thematically, her music focuses on the struggles of life and how difficult it is to find hope in a dark world. Her music acts as a coping mechanism for herself and her listeners too.

Give “Upside Down” a listen below:

“It feels so satisfying to wrap up comfortable messages in pretty, stomachable packages that make people want to dance and sing, but also low-key cry about all the sadness in the world at the same time.”

– Elliot lee

Featured image via artist. 

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