Ellie D. Drops Addicting New Single 'Miss You' [Listen]
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Ellie D. Drops Addicting New Single ‘Miss You’ [Listen]

Southern California’s Ellie D. is back with a powerful new indie pop single ‘Miss You’ that’s going straight on repeat.

With her newest emotive single, pop singer-songwriter Ellie D. is leveling-up. Fresh off the milestone of her first million-stream track, her dreamy cover of Drake‘s “Passionfruit” with producer Rando, Ellie D.’s newest single “Miss You” is one of her most addicting yet.

“Miss You” details the dread of a quarantine breakup with simple, yet decidedly powerful guitar riffs and piano chords. Ellie D. steps in with an equally powerful vocal performance, tapping into a higher range and layering the vocals eloquently over the production. The track, in collaboration with producer Zack Burke (Molly Moore, Mothica, nicopop.) is chillingly relatable, as Ellie explains,

“I wrote this song one night a week or so after an intense relationship suddenly ended. This was a product of my shock and disbelief in the moment. I sent a demo to my producer immediately. When he sent back the first pass, I teared up. Music is such a cathartic process for me. This song is closure for me. One minute you are heartbroken, crying in bed for the 3rd night in a row and the next minute you have forgotten what that pain even felt like, no longer making excuses for that person to contact you.

I hope listeners feel their own sense of closure and understanding, no matter what they lost.”

– Ellie D. via press release

The single comes after Ellie D.’s early 2021 release “Pretend“, with the singer songwriter channeling influence from the likes of Chelsea Cutler, SHY Martin, and Astrid S. Take a listen to “Miss You” below and buckle up — you’ll almost certainly be hearing more Ellie D. soon.

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