Elio Release Official Music Video to Debut Single 'Babyfool' [River Beats Premiere]

Last week, new alt-pop duo Elio released their debut single “Babyfool.” Accompanying their debut is a cheeky and abstract video that matches the oozingly cool tune. The song itself is a groovy yet delicate indie-alt song with a catchy chorus; a true attention-grabber from beginning to end.

Give the “Babyfool” video a watch below:

Elio, comprised of Harmless (Nacho Cano) and Onsen (Drew Straus), bring both artists talents to the table. Before joining forces with Straus, Cano dove into his own songwriting and producing experiences under the names Twin Cabins and Canito. As Harmless in Elio, he looks to create songs about “impossible love, boleros in English” into vibrant sounds to match. Straus is also known for his vibrancy and experimental pop sounds. Together, they create an alternative-pop haven for those that pay attention to the lyrics as much as the production.

The video itself sees Harmless and Onsen at the dinner table sitting across from their respective lovers. I recommend watching until the very end when Cano & Straus break out into a cutely choreographed dance that goes with the beat. When asked about the inspiration for the video: Elio explained that the video is a “homage to bad surreal dates, past and future

It’s what Call Me By Your Name directed by Wes Anderson staring a K-Pop band would be like if they had zero budget. That it looks this good is a testament to our amazing director Erica Ortiz.”


Stay tuned for more from the budding duo.

Featured image via artist.

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