ELEVATD Drop Prophetic New Single 'Save Us' [Listen]
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ELEVATD Drop Prophetic New Single ‘Save Us’ [Listen]

Chicago-based dub duo ELEVATD just released a gigantic new single featuring vocalist Micah Martin.

ELEVATD‘s new original “Save Us” mixes apocalyptic bass and melodic dub for an absolutely massive outcome. The track is the duo’s second collaboration with vocalist Micah Martin of the band The Zealots, whose rock-electronic vocal collaborations over the past year include KayzoSlander, and more.

Micah Martin’s impressive vocal range and aggressive style drive the energy of the track through the epic melodic first drop. The second verse serves as respite from the impending doom before Martin’s final warning of “welcome to the end”. The duo deliver a mighty punch on the final drop with dark wubs that bite straight through the mix. The dynamic shift is an fitting ode to ELEVATD’s otherworldly style of experimentation, blending harsh and heavy tones between the ominous breaks.

Listen to the new track “Save Us” below and stay tuned for more from ELEVATD!

Featured photo via artist Facebook page; photo by Tanner Heitz Photography

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