Marshmello and Slushii have Officially been trolled [WATCH] - River Beats Dance

Marshmello and Slushii have Officially been trolled [WATCH]

Slushii, one of the electronic music wunderkinds of 2017, recently found himself the subject of troll activity. A parody artist page “POPSIKL” pokes fun at slushii, and similar counterpart marshmello, by satirically appropriating aspects of their branding, identity, and sound. POPSIKL’s cartoony and sugary avatar mimics slushii’s iconic frozen logo, and the moniker utilizes intentionally altered spelling and capitalization to take a jab at a naming trend we’ve seen drag on for far too long. He has a cutely named fan base, the  “pop squad”, not unlike marshmello’s “mello gang”. 

Is this a random fan? Maybe some industry professionals? Or even slushii himself? The high caliber of media and scathingly accurate satire already put out by POPSIKL suggests it may be someone with industry-level networks or ability.

Check out the Hilarious parody video posted by POPSIKL himself.

POPSIKL even put out a “happy go trappy” track called ‘Let’s Be Friends’, that sounds all to familiar.

His page claims that he is “totally not a gimmick,” only time will tell! 


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