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Electronic Music Alliance Announce Trash 2 Treasures Challenge Winners [Read]

Festivals draw vast numbers of attendees, resulting in enormous amounts of waste annually. Last year, the Electronic Music Alliance initiated the Trash 2 Treasure Challenge in support of their annual Play It FWD Campaign. The purpose of this biennial initiative is to convert this ominous amount of waste into impactful art. The end result is the promotion of conservationism within the global festival community.

Winners were decided by a panel of industry professionals including Ken Jordan, Michael Kaliski, Shana Nys Dambrot, Phu Styles, and Taryn Hipwell.

Contestants dove head-first into the challenge, transforming various items into inspiring pieces and advocacy projects alike. The first place winner, Caroline Palmer from Costa Rica, used leftover hoop tape and pouches to craft stylish festival-ready wallets. The runner-up, Nikkia Sipes, repurposed old camping tents into an outfit. The third place winner developed an educational presentation, promoting harmony with nature.

Aiming to further promote eco-consciousness, the EMA’s Ambassador Training program will take place in June. The next Trash 2 Treasures Challenge will kick off in 2020.

Check out the Electronic Music Alliance website here for more details.

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