Electric Forest Reverts Back to One Weekend For 2019
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Electric Forest Reverts Back to One Weekend For 2019

When Electric Forest announced that 2018 would include two weekends, it was met with mixed emotions. Many voiced their opinions regarding lineups, the grounds, and the price point. While 2018 was a great year for the festival, and there was minimal complaints, Electric Forest announced a bit of a change for next year.

Next year, the music festival reverts back to a one-weekend festival. This means it’s definitely going to sell out, so stay on top of tickets and their tiers! The forest team does promise there will be many exciting improvements that include

  • upgraded landscapes
  • areas with new grass
  • infrastructure improvements
  • & more

This decision was made due to a new Sherwood Forest conservation plan. “Protecting and curating the grounds of EF for generations to come is important” – and in order to improve, this decision was 100% necessary!

To purchase tickets for next year’s Electric Forest, click here.  


Featured image via Festival Facebook page. 

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