Electric Forest Shines Down on Rothbury for Its 12th and Biggest Year Yet (Festival Preview)

Electric Forest Shines Down on Rothbury for Its 12th and Biggest Year Yet (Festival Preview)

electric forest 2024

Written by Guest Contributor, Andrew Weissman

As the summer solstice draws near, our anticipation mounts for the yearly pilgrimage into the heart of the Great Lakes for one of the most revered festivals on the circuit, Electric Forest. A mecca for North American festival goers, Electric Forest returns June 20-23, 2024 with a diverse lineup and an array of immersive experiences that blend music, art, and community into a cosmic gumbo of fun. 

Nestled in the tiny town of Rothbury, Michigan, the historic Double JJ Resort transforms into an enchanting realm of color and sound each year, becoming a utopian oasis for all the dancing, wandering, laughing, and random silliness that is referred to simply as, “Forest.” 

electric forest 2024

This year, the juggernaut of North American Music Festivals returns with yet another diverse lineup showcasing a variety of art forms that represent a multitude of genres and influences. From the thunderous dubstep of Excision to the ethereal sounds of CloZee and Illenium, there’s something to resonate with every festival-goer. Special moments await with unique sets like Kaskade Redux and LSDream’s Lightcode, promising transformative experiences that transcend mere entertainment.

However, Electric Forest was not always the festival mainstay that it currently is. Evolving from its origins as a one-day event (formerly Rothbury Music Festival), Electric Forest has blossomed into a multi-day, hypnotic experience that captivates attendees with its thorough mix of big-name festival headliners, beautifully detailed art and stage designs, and welcoming community. 

electric forest 2024

Standing tall amidst the trees like ancient totems, these stages host an eclectic lineup of artists spanning a myriad of genres. From pulsating beats at the main stages to intimate performances tucked away in hidden clearings, there’s something for every musical palate.

Beyond the first two main stages lies the heart of the festival –the kaleidoscopic Sherwood Forest. As night falls, the forest comes alive as a dazzling array of lights and lasers envelop the forest from ground to canopy. Originally planted in 1955 by local legend Wally Walmack, the tall white pines are home to larger-than-life installations, interactive exhibits, and a plethora of live art. It pretty much feels like you stepped inside a page of the trippiest children’s story you ever read. Aside from the beautiful, intricately designed installations and stages, the woods feature squalls of performers with adventure awaiting every guest that ventures betwixt the pines.


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At its core, Electric Forest is more than just a festival; it’s a conjuration of community, a hex of creativity, and a chant of celebration. As we prepare to embark on this journey into the unknown, let us embrace the spirit of Electric Forest and surrender to the magic that awaits within its enchanted groves.

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