Ekko & Sidetrack Elevate SACHI's "Wildfire" to Drum & Bass Bliss with Polished Remix
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Ekko & Sidetrack Elevate SACHI’s “Wildfire” to Drum & Bass Bliss with Polished Remix

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Australian powerhouse duo Ekko & Sidetrack have taken SACHI’s hit single “Wildfire” to new heights with their mesmerizing drum & bass remix. After tantalizing audiences for over a year with its infectious energy, “Wildfire” receives a fresh makeover, infusing it with Ekko & Sidetrack’s signature blend of euphoric vocals and dynamic instrumentals.

The essence of “Wildfire” lies in its irresistible chorus hook, and Ekko & Sidetrack masterfully amplify this moment with their silky-smooth drum & bass production. The result is a reinvigorated listening experience that reignites the excitement of the original track while offering a fresh perspective that captivates listeners anew.


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With millions of streams and a dedicated fanbase, Ekko & Sidetrack have established themselves as leading figures in the drum & bass scene. Their ability to seamlessly blend genres and create emotionally resonant music has earned them recognition from labels like Viper Recordings and Circus Records. Now, as they gear up for a full European summer festival tour and a highly anticipated US tour in the fall, Ekko & Sidetrack show no signs of slowing down.

The journey of Ekko & Sidetrack from their humble beginnings in Perth to international acclaim is a testament to their unwavering dedication and artistic vision. Their tracks have graced the stages of prestigious events alongside industry giants, garnering praise for their vibrant sound and electrifying performances. As they continue to push boundaries and break new ground, Ekko & Sidetrack’s story is one of inspiration and anticipation for what the future holds in their exhilarating musical journey.

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