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EKALI Opens Up in a Very Unique Interview [Watch]

Everyone loves a good interview… Especially when one of your favorite stars is the one behind the answers. 

But sometimes, interviews can be a tad bit boring to read. You can’t really see the emotion in the artists’ face when they talk nor are you sure whether he/she truly answered the questions.

To combat this ongoing problem, a journalist named Lauren Engel created a super interactive interview series called Sidewalk Talk. The Los Angeles based show revolved around Engel’s interviews with various musicians while simply walking down LA neighborhoods.

The series is really unique, and shows tons of real-life interactions with various artists. Everyone from Getter, Eden, San Holo, Louis The Child, to Slander have made appearances on Sidewalk Talk. The show’s recorded millions of streams on Youtube over the past year.

And just recently, Ekali joined the show to talk about his name choice, his days in a band, and much more. Ekali is without a doubt 2018’s megastar. His music is everywhere. He is playing everything, including Coachella and the main stage at EDC.

This is truly the perfect time for him to do such a personal interview. From a person who loves original content, Sidewalk Talk is not something you want to miss out on.

Check out the full video below, and give Sidewalk Talk some love on Youtube.

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