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Ekali Releases The First Single From His Upcoming EP, Featuring SLUMBERJACK

Ekali’s upcoming EP is one of the most anticipated projects of 2018. And the Candian Producer just gave us a taste of what to expect with this first single, “Helios,” a hard-hitting, radiant track with SLUMBERJACK.

Given his love of plantlike aesthetics, it’s only appropriate that the first single from Ekali‘s upcoming EP is named after the Greek god & personification of sunlight.

“Helios” opens with glaring yet droning melodic chants and tasteful, tight percussion. The chants and percussion ascend into a hard-hitting, dramatic drop. While bass & mid-level synths smack listeners to and fro, a higher, stringlike synth arpeggiates above the low-end madness.

It’s difficult to tell which parts of this track are from Ekali and which are from SLUMBERJACK, as the three producers are fully capable of producing the entire track individually. However, Ekali took to r/Trap, as he often does, just after the track dropped. Responding to comments from fans, he gave us quite a bit of info about the track and upcoming EP.

Ekali will also be heading on a headlining tour this Fall, presumably to support the EP. Full tour dates and support acts will be announced shortly.

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