Ekali Releases Holiday Edit Pack Featuring 6 Amazing Live Edits + New ID [Listen]
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Ekali Releases Holiday Edit Pack Featuring 6 Amazing Live Edits + New ID [Listen]

Ekali is known for his live edits. if you don’t believe us, just check out his top ten mashups here.  Just the other day, the producer released 4 edit packs for aspiring producers and fans to dive into. And yesterday, Ekali gifted us an early Christmas present.

Edit pack V features Ekali’s edits of popular singles “Loyal,” “Mo Bamba,” “Lift Me From The Ground,” “Sicko Mode,” and more. Most of these tracks have been included in his sets before, with a few new ones mixed in. We were also gifted with a holiday treat with Ekali’s “Mo Bamba” edit featuring a new ID.

There is one catch for this edit pack. It’s only available on Bandcamp, but donations for the pack go towards a mentorship for young musicians in Vancouver. Ekali went to Twitter saying he’s excited to start helping local and growing artists in Vancouver.

“This is free by the way! Any $ you donate will go towards a studio space I am opening pro bono to mentor young musicians and provide them with a space to work in Vancouver,” – Ekali.

Listen to Ekali’s edit pack V here:


Ekali. Vancouver, British Columbia.

Featured image via artist Facebook page.

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