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edapollo Unveils Dreamy Single ‘Relearn Me’ [River Beats Premiere]

Enter the dreamlike world of edapollo with his debut album: Endless Cascades. Endless Cascades includes 3 previously released singles, “Undercurrents,” “Make A Move,” and “Aurora,” all showcasing his production talents in downtempo electronica. The album’s feature track, “Relearn Me,” song number 3, features the marvelous voice of Melbourne, Australia-based songstress Akacia.

edapollo created “Relearn Me” shortly after moving to Melbourne. During a hiking trip, he found himself inspired by the beauty of nature surrounding him, in which he “collected a lot of sounds on his field recorder.” He later connected with Akacia on Soundcloud after being a fan for a while. edapollo explains:

“She [Akacia] nailed the vocal delivery first time and really captured the essence of the instrumental in her melodies and lyrics, with references to nature and the lyrical concept of changing as a person, which I could really relate to having just moved to a new city for a fresh start.” 

Listen to “Relearn Me:”

In the album’s production, edapollo takes a minimal, yet flowing style of production. By incorporating ambient soundscapes, instrumentation, and vocal chops, he creates something fresh and tranquil. The album itself tells edapollo’s personal journey “of staying true to your dreams and passions,” while paying homage to the beauty of the world. This is represented in the actual sounds and samples he captured while out in nature. Talk about dedication.

Listen to Endless Cascades in its entirety below:

Featured image via artist. 

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