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Eclectic Imprint’s First Compilation Exemplifies Polished Variety [Listen]

None of these things are like the other. There’s a lo-fi tune followed by a surreal, energetic outburst of sound. There’s an unconventional, strange track followed by a chanting trap tune. All six songs are incredibly different from one another.

Eclectic Imprint, like its name suggests, is a Michigan based label that encompasses a wide-ranging variety of sounds. This compilation is a testament to that vision.

Eclectic Imprint was started as a way for me to showcase up and coming artists in the electronic music scene without conforming to one specific genre,” said Kyle Archibald, founder of the label.

“The majority of labels operating in the electronic community generally stick to one or two styles of music for the vast majority of their releases, whereas Eclectic Imprint has always been focused on bringing forward great content regardless of what sub-genre of music it falls under.”

The label has also featured guest mixes from the likes of Peekaboo, The Widdler, and Holly.

Give a listen to the compilation below:

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