Australian Bass Duo Dystracted Reach New Heights with 'Pure Intent' EP

Australian Bass Duo Dystracted Reach New Heights with ‘Pure Intent’ EP


In an era where music constantly ebbs and flows, it’s easy to overlook gems. However, Dystracted’s new Pure Intent EP demands attention. This U.S./Australian duo has been biding their time, crafting tracks between continents and perfecting their sound while navigating the festival circuit with unwavering dedication.

Their latest work, released through Grand Alliance Music, embodies a blend of glitch-hop and bass anthems. Known for its dynamic roster, Grand Alliance Music is the ideal platform for Dystracted’s unique style. The Pure Intent EP, a collection of four meticulously crafted tracks, follows the label’s successful debut compilation Vol. 1: NUMINOUS, which featured contributions from over 20 artists across various labels.

The EP delivers direct, impactful bass music, reflecting Dystracted’s clear vision and refined skills. Their sound merges hypnotic rhythms with diverse production techniques, making this one of their most polished offerings.

The EP opens with “Oh God,” an arresting track with a tight, cohesive beat that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Following this, the EP transitions into a remix of “Bucklenut” by TYGRIS and Wessanders, provided by The Rust, which keeps the energy high and showcases the duo’s ability to elevate each piece.

The final tracks, “Ello Ello” and “Worn,” close the EP with deep, psychedelic electronic journeys that create vast, immersive soundscapes. These tracks bring the listener back to a centered, balanced state, demonstrating Dystracted’s capability to deliver a well-rounded and satisfying musical experience.


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Dystracted’s Pure Intent EP is not just another release; it’s a testament to their growth and prowess in the bass music genre, promising to make a significant mark in the industry.


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