Dustycloud Gives House Music a Facelift in 'Skyfall' EP [Listen]

Dustycloud Gives House Music a Facelift in 'Skyfall' EP [Listen]

The Parisian powerhouse Dustycloud is back with his 3-track EP Skyfall. In this EP, he goes against the genre norms as a form of self-reflection. He launched the Dustycloud house music project in 2014 with the intention of “producing music that would allow him to express his emotions and interact with others through the compositions.” Since then, he’s pushed the boundaries of regular “house” music with a sonic blend of elements, including in Skyfall.

Skyfall contains 3 tracks: “Passion,” “Find A New Direction,” and “Mighty.” Each one brings something new to the table as he experiments with new things. The motto behind Dustycloud is “just be yourself,” something that he is certainly doing! He stated that years ago, he hit a point where he almost quit making music.

He was frustrated because he felt he was never going to make it. But now, he has one thing to say: “I feel like it’s a positive message to spread through my music: don’t be scared of doing what you love, don’t be scared of not fitting in little boxes society tries to put you in, don’t be scared of being different. Just be yourself.

“ […] Then I came across this audio sample that said ‘just be yourself,’ and suddenly I was so inspired. Something about the timing, the way it appeared to me, the way it sounded, it spoke to me and it made me reflect on where I was at in life. It made me question why I had been using my years of learning music production to just follow trends and try to make what was popular. I decided it was time to make my own style of house music, and not give a f*ck about what other DJs were producing, this is where Dustycloud was born. […]” 

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