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Duskus Delivers Dazzling New Single “My Heart” [Listen]

Duskus "My Heart" Press Photo

Drawing on rave nostalgia and scratchy, lo-fi VCR-quality visuals, Duskus continues his hot streak with his newest track “My Heart”.

As the first Duskus single of 2022, the producer of Bitbird and Foreign Family acclaim, pushes the tempo on “My Heart” with thumping percussion and wispy synth phrases. Scattered vocal samples hit registers high and low, bringing a lighthearted and vibrant spark to the track.

My Heart” taps into the London-based producer’s experiences as a teenager exploring the rave scene and channeling that nostalgia present-day, as he explains:

“I’ve been making a bunch of these rave sort of tunes recently. I like to call them healers. This is the first of the collection and it’s called “My Heart”. I made it to heal your heart. At the time I was running a lot so I wanted to make a tune I can run too with my mates.”
– Duskus

My Heart” is the follow up to Duskus’s late 2021 singles “Holding U” and “Call Me”, two quirky singles with equally provocative breakbeat percussion and a blissful balance of aura-inducing synths and vocal cuts. The track also marks the first single on the Broken Levee imprint — the first of many to come from the newly established collective — and precedes the producer’s upcoming appearance at Coachella’s revered DoLab tent.

Stream the new track “My Heart” from Duskus below and let us know what you think!

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