DubstepGutter Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary With Compilation Mix
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DubstepGutter Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary With Electrifying Mix [Listen]

One of electronic music’s biggest tastemakers is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this week by releasing a compilation mix of their most popular uploads of the decade!

YouTube channel DubstepGutter has generated over 1.6 billion views and 5 million subscribers for their curated video content from dance music’s favorites including Marshmello, Borgore, Getter, Slushii, and more.

Founded in Romania in 2011 by A&R and video designer Daniel Satmareanu, DubstepGutter strives to help small artists and designers grow their audience by promoting their music and artwork.

They have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for artists and labels from the income generated from the content on their channel and have become a top source of quality bass music for millions of fans in the process. Their videos have helped develop the careers of now-famous dubstep artists such as Spag Heddy, EH!DE, and Barely Alive.

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary they compiled a behemoth 22 minute mix of their most popular uploads of the decade that is sure to send bass music fans for a wild ride. Listen to it now above!

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