Drishti Beats Encourages All to 'Root Down' in New Release [Listen]

Drishti Beats Encourages All to 'Root Down' in New Release [Listen]

The live yoga bass collective Drishti Beats returns once more in a time of need for their downtempo beats. The tribal-fused “Root Down” creates a unique listening experience through hip-hop vocals and live violin, with classic electronic elements guiding the way.

Give “Root Down” a listen below:

Drishti Beats is in a league all their own. Combining yoga with their unique, live band experience, those that go to see them are in for awesome music AND a workout. They are known for their classic downtempo electronic chill music, that is obviously perfect for yoga. Comprised of Lori & Jeremy Lowell and various other creators, musicians, vocalists, and more, they truly are an all encompassing group simply sharing their love of music.

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