Dozens of Big Name Brands Epically Troll IHOP's Name Change to IHOB
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Dozens of Big Name Brands Epically Troll IHOP’s Name Change to IHOB

Well, IHOP officially took over the news today as it announced its name change from International House of Pancakes to International House of Burgers. Yah, burgers.  

And the internet had an absolute field day over the questionable name change. Not exactly known for making burgers, IHOB announced that the move is to promote their brand new line of burgers slated to hit the restaurant soon.

Let’s just say the world didn’t really see the name change as being fitting. Maybe International House of Breakfast, but burgers? We don’t think so either. In true troll fashion, dozens of big name brands, including Burger King, Wendy’s, Netflix, and others ripped IHOb(p) to shreds.

Check out the exchanges below. They are too funny.

And you gotta love Wendy’s and Burger King reaction. Priceless.


Burger King even changed their name on Twitter. Troll level 100.


Even some celebrities got in on the action


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