Catch a Vibe With Dog Drive Mantis' Official Music Video to 'Volta'

Catch a Vibe With Dog Drive Mantis' Official Music Video to 'Volta'

The instrumental indie rockers Dog Drive Mantis recently released their music video to accompany their latest single “Volta.” The band, based in Toronto, is a “sonic brew” of talent amongst four friends. The crew joined forces in October 2015, and have been working away at perfecting their indie post-rock/jazz fusion sound.

According to Mantis’ Bassist Carmen Haines, he explained that the song was inspired “by the imagery of a lighthouse on a desolate shore” as the waters turned from calming to riveting.

“The music reflects all of these changes that the imaginary setting experiences.”

– Bassist Carmen Haines

Though I don’t typically like to copy and paste from anything I’m given about the artists I write about, this stuck with me: “Dog Drive Mantis is a fluid-able to take on different forms and flow at different velocities through a multitude of different musical situations – although never really confined to any.”

Give “Volta” a like/listen on Spotify below as well:

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