Dirtybird Campout Delivers a Stacked Booty-Shakin Lineup
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Dirtybird Campout Delivers a Stacked Booty-Shakin Lineup

Set to take over the hills of San Antonio Campground in Bradley, CA, Dirtybird Campout is the sleep-away camp playground of your dreams. Filled with booty-shakin’, ground-stompin’, wobbly madness; this lineup is stacked with artists that will deliver everything the Dirtybird label stands for: bass and silliness. 

While they’ve brought some new representation outside of the Dirtybird label, we are so excited to see what these artists will bring. Offering some group talents from Desert Hearts, Mikey Lion b2b Porkchop, as well as the Soulection Showcase featuring The Whooligan and Sasha Marie. It looks like they’ve taken some steps to diversify with some seasoned veterans as well as newcomers to the scene. Some artists you are no doubt familiar with such as Araabmusik and Eats Everything, along with some not-so-familiar names to explore. Plus, you’ve got the whole Dirtybird crew holding it down 

Dirtybird Campout is the pride and joy of Claude VonStroke, one of the several parties the Dirtybird label throws including the Dirtybird BBQs and other curated stages they’ve hosted throughout the year, Dirtybird Campout seems to be the event held closest to their hearts. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s essentially an adult playground, camp themed, that hosts all of your childhood desires. 

With kickball, paddle boats, archery; not to mention Comedy Nights and Talent Shows, there is no end to community fun that could be had. All while incredible house music plays as the backdrop to your adventure. 

General tickets just went on sale! Get yours today before it’s too late!! 

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