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Campers Stranded Outside of Gates at First Year Dirtybird Campout East

Bad news for those attending Dirtybird Campout- east. According to attendees and Twitter, the venue location staff ordered for the gates to be closed for those arriving. Meaning, no one is entering nor leaving the venue area. Guests were supposed to be able to enter around 9AM, leaving the opening ceremony to begin at noon. Now, it it is 2PM and no one is even in the camping area.

Workers have told attendees to go to the nearest town so that they have cell reception. The location of the venue is in BFE, leaving those that are there with little to no phone connection to find out what is going on.

**Update** 2:30 PM

The latest tweets from campout are pretty heavy. Check them out below.

**UPDATE** 4:00 PM

Allegedly, according to staff at the event, all the permits were filed however, one was filed incorrectly. This one permit is halting all further activities until resolved. Hopefully everyone is able to get in soon!

4:30 PM

Looks like they are beginning to let people into the venue, via a live feed from a local news station.


We will update the status of the gates accordingly. Good luck campers.

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