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Diplo Will Release a Techno Album Ahead of Movement Festival

Earlier this year, Diplo drew the ire of techno fans around the world when he was announced for Detroit’s Movement Festival.

To many, his booking was an affront to the underground techno community. Diplo‘s solo work and side projects such as Major Lazer and Jack Ü represent the forefront of EDM and trap. For the underground fans, the two subgenres represent the worst of commercialized electronic music.

Diplo‘s success and mainstream appeal made him the easy target for a fanbase that felt deep disappointment at Movement‘s 2018 lineup. Many took to social media to announce hotel cancellations and sell-offs of early bird tickets.

It seems the producer was aware of this sentiment as well. In one particularly famous exchange, Diplo even fired back at a Twitter user who asked that he not show up to Movement.

Once the hot takes and kneejerk reactions subsided, it seemed that techno fans no longer felt as strongly about his booking. Instead, discussions shifted to the other talent on the lineup as well as the plethora of official and unofficial afterparties.

However, Diplo is rarely one to step away from the spotlight for too long.

In an unexpected turn of events, Diplo announced that he would release a techno album prior to Movement Festival.

According to the producer, this new side project will go under the alias “Diplodocus“, and is a statement to address doubts about his underground credibility. Diplo explained that the techno side project was already a “work in progress” for several years. but the widespread backlash after the Movement 2018 lineup announcement motivated him to finish the album.

So far, the only named collaborator is Orlando Higginbottom of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. In addition, Diplo hinted that there are several other “massive techno influencers” that left their footprints on the album. When prompted for more detailed descriptions of the music, Diplo remained cryptic. His only descriptor was that he used “ancient – almost prehistoric modular synths” during the recording process.

After his appearance at Movement Festival in Detroit this May, Diplo will also embark on a North American album tour. In each city, he intends to organize secret invite-only warehouse parties where he will play extended sets.

Perhaps this was the producer’s plan all along.

Read more about the announcement HERE.

Feature image courtesy of The Journalist.

P.S. – April Fools 🙂 

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