'What Would Diplo Do?' Really Works, And We're Just As Surprised As Anyone
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‘What Would Diplo Do?’ Really Works, And We’re Just As Surprised As Anyone

What Would Diplo Do? is the new, scripted television series following the groundbreaking DJ’s daily life, with James Van Der Beek leading as Diplo. The show very easily could have been a half-assed rip-off Entourage. Instead, WWDD embraces every ounce of ridiculousness that has defined the careers of Mad Decent, Diplo, and even supporting star, Dillon Francis.

Where other commercial attempts of bringing EDM to screen–like We Are Your Friends starring Zac Efron–have failed is in exactly this arena. They took EDM too seriously when that is the antithesis of what the EDM community stands for.

EDM simply isn’t that serious.

Yes, WWDD is a spoof–a hyper-dramatized version of Diplo’s real life. But, much like the Comedy Central hit Broad City, that’s exactly what makes it great.

On August 3rd, WWDD premiered its first episode on VICELAND. In this 24-minute video, the series kicks off with Diplo and Calvin Harris getting into a Twitter war–and the expected hilarity ensues.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

Watch Episode 1 here:

Make sure you to subscribe to the VICELAND channel, so you can follow along with Dillon Francis, James Van Der Beek, and all the other big names bound to show up WWDD.

Full, uncensored episodes can also be found on iTunes.

Featured Image: Shane McCauley/VICELAND

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