Dillon Francis Merchandise Site is a Thing of Legend

Dillon Francis Merchandise Site is a Thing of Legend

In the age of social media and digital marketing, being able to brand and market your talents are the key to success. In the world of electronic music, those who can do this successfully find themselves among the elite in the scene.

One of the best, if not the most notorious, examples of this new wave social media marketing is none other than Dillon Francis. Francis is the first moombahton artist to boast a #1 spot on the Beatport charts, he is widely known for his style and personality as well as his musical talents.

One particular hidden secret about Francis is his amazing merchandise site. If you haven’t gotten the chance to view this site we highly recommend you give it a look. The site has everything from clothing, accessories, hats, music, posters, and the greatest section of them all, “Awesome Shit”. What’s under that tab? Just your average everyday experiences with none other than Dillon himself. We listed the top products you can buy below, prices range from $40 to $200k… enjoy!

1.) Show me the Money!!


2.) Blink B2B DJ Hanzel 


3.) Kinky….


4.) Got Milk


5.) Happy Birthday! 


6.) Everybody loves Vegans 


7.) How perfect…..


8.) IKEA and chill?


9.) Seriously. This one scares us. 


10.) ok, We actually did this one…. 


We showed our top ten choices! But you can check all of them out Here!

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Featured Image: Rukes.com

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