Enter the Sounds & Sights of 'Desert Flower' With SWAYLÓ [Listen]

Enter the Sounds & Sights of 'Desert Flower' With SWAYLÓ [Listen]

Earlier this year, River Beats covered SWAYLÓ and his 4-track EP titled Reflections. The EP saw a heavy focus on instrumental and tribal elements as he incorporated instruments from around the world and organic instrumentation. One of our favorites, the opening track and SWAYLO’s first release ever “Desert Flower,” re-emerges once more in a new light with an official visual.

The song itself is multi-faceted with a heavy focus on contrasting elements. This theme is reflected in the video itself, where “urban exists within nature, and luxury exists alongside simplicity.” The music video is equally as captivating as the song itself.

Check it out below.

“Desert Flower” is now coming full circle with his first music video release. The video centered around the last full moon of the year with a heavy emphasization on “healing, support, and collaboration.” The video marks the completion of his own “reflections” as he looks towards 2020.

Give Reflections a listen below:

Featured image via artist.

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