Desert Dwellers Remix Uone & Western's Disco/House Groove 'The Last Showdown' [Listen]

Desert Dwellers Remix Uone & Western’s Disco/House Groove ‘The Last Showdown’ [Listen]

Get ready for Uone and Western’s upcoming ten track debut LP, The Lone Wranglers, coming out later this year with an original mix and a Desert Dwellers remix to one of their songs, “The Last Showdown.” Uone, Beat & Path label boss, and Western have been “taming an iron asteroid, mining deep for the elements” for the last 12 months for the creation of their debut LP. It has been a big game of unique “galactic electronic fusion rolled in with the steampunk spirit of the American frontier.”

Originally, “The Last Showdown” combines elements from indie disco and house music in an 8-minute long listening soundscape. Contrasting the original is Desert Dwellers, adding their signature worldliness beats in coordination with the already groovy rhythms.

Listen to the Desert Dwellers remix & the original below:
Featured image via artist.

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