Denver Sees Successful Socially Distanced Rooftop Show [Watch]
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Denver Sees Successful Socially Distanced Rooftop Show [Watch]

The 6 months have proven shows and events in the dance music world will be much different in a COVID-19 world. Whether those shows are for the short- or long-term is still yet to be determined.

While large scale events at the festival level are 100% not happening before the start of 2021, It doesn’t mean small-scale productions with COVID measures can’t take place right now.

We have seen indie-produced events featuring extensive testing, and drive-in shows that gave an outline of how 2021 could look. But just this weekend, we got a look at a roof-top event in Denver that could be the future of small-scale events in the country.

Denver promoter Amplitude threw a successful socially distanced event on a local rooftop. The event featured 30 individual tables, mandatory masks outside of the guests table, servers bring food and drinks to each group, and bass music!

Take a look at some of the photos and videos from Amplitude’s rooftop COVID event below, including positive reactions from the bass community

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