Get Ready for Denver-Based Festival at Meow Wolf: Vortex Festival

Get Ready for Denver-Based Festival at Meow Wolf: Vortex Festival

vortex fest

Returning for the second year, Meow Wolf and Livenation are back at the Junk Yard in Denver for Vortex Festival, the mile high city’s gateway to an immersive festival experience like no other, where the dance floor becomes a captivating realm. Taking place this weekend, the fest spans three consecutive days and nights of music, features over 30 performances across two stages, and welcomes attendees of all ages.


Is the schedule announced?

Yes, the full lineup is out! The main acts include headliners GRiZ and Remi Wolf, plus other talented performers including Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin, TOKiMONSTA,and more. GRiZ’s Chasing the Golden Hour Era set is one to not be missed. Other River Beats favorites include Ford., Jerro, The Funk Hunters, and Nikki Air.

Meow Wolf Vortex Festival

What are the ticket options?

Guests have the choice of selecting either a one-day pass or a three-day pass for complete weekend access. Currently, single-day passes are priced at $110, while three-day passes are available for $250, presenting a fantastic opportunity if you’re keen on enjoying performances throughout the festival’s duration.

Meow Wolf Vortex Festival
Meow Wolf Vortex Festival


What time do doors open at Vortex Fest?

Doors open at 4:30 pm on Friday and 1:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Is there on-site parking?

There is no on-site parking. Vortex Fest recommends ride-share, public transportation, or walking to and from the venue. For those using a ride-share app, plug in: 1098 Yuma Street, Denver, CO 80204.

What are Vortex Fest and Meow Wolf’s sustainability efforts?

Vortex is revolutionizing immersive entertainment in Denver by championing sustainability through a series of impactful initiatives. Embracing waste reduction, climate action, and community engagement, Vortex is stepping up its game in 2023.

The event showcases a remarkable dedication to sustainable practices, exemplified by art installations crafted from upcycled materials and the elimination of single-use plastics at the entrance. Key highlights of Vortex 2023 include a strong emphasis on reusable water bottles and recycling, coupled with a concerted drive to minimize plastic usage and disposable items. Leftover food will be collected for composting, contributing to a more responsible waste management strategy. Recognizing the energy demands of live music events, Vortex is proactively targeting reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions, closely monitoring usage in relation to staging requirements.

Dining options align with sustainability principles, with abundant vegetarian and vegan meal choices available. A vigilant waste management team will keep the dance floor clean, ensuring a seamless integration of eco-friendly practices throughout the event.

Vortex is steadfast in its pursuit of a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable experience for all attendees. To delve deeper into the event’s sustainable endeavors, explore the comprehensive insights provided here.

Andrea Fischer
Andrea Fischer – art installations made from upcycled items

Enjoy great music, food, and drinks at this “halcyon multi-stage dreamland” and know that you’re supporting local hires and Meow Wolf’s sustainability initiatves.


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