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Deadmau5 Shares His Career-Defining Moments in Recent Interview With Forbes

Deadmau5 has been notoriously quiet over the past few months. After some questionable social media practices, the producer decided that he needed to stay lowkey for some time.

In a cool new interview with Forbesdeadmau5 gives a much-needed update on his life in a series titled “Who I Am.” The producer goes on to talk about film scoring, getting married, getting off social media and some of his biggest moments while performing.

Read some of the highlights below, or catch up on the full interview here! 

Deadmau5 on Nine Inch Nails album: Downward Spiral 

I was like, “I want to make music like that, how do I learn?” That was the kind of the kickoff for me as a producer.”

Deadmau5 on seeing KISS in concert

“That was a defining moment because I couldn’t realize you could suck so bad at something and still put on a really great show.”

Getting off Twitter and Facebook 

“I love it. These social platforms are for what purpose other than showing meals and look what I can do. You want to get a hold of me you can text me. My fans want to get a hold of me you know where to find me.”

Putting on the mouse head for the first time (Age: Twenties)

“The first show I ever did wear the mouse head was in Halifax. Everyone was staring at me going, “What the f**k is that?” And I’m feeling very out of place and awkward and I’m going, “Oh god, they think I’m a clown.” But it actually went really well. It was some sweaty little nightclub in some basement. It was weird, maybe about 150 people tops. And I had it, I just put it on and went, “Yep, I’m Deadmau5, here’s my mouse head.”

On his obsession with professional e-sports 

“The music making, the stage designing, everything, no matter how exciting and lucrative it is, still becomes monotonous. Sometimes I have to break up these periods of non-stop working with gaming.”

Getting Married 

“Being married has been cool. Now I’m not eyeballing the front row anymore. 
It’s great. I found a chick I love and she loves me. She takes care of me. She’s the best. She’s not into electronic music which is great, and she doesn’t sing, which is amazing!”

On his recent scoring of the Netflix original series “Polar” 

“I see a lot more things coming from Netflix than I do from Hollywood in general. I think the stars lined up right for this particular picture.”

Read the full Interview below!

Who I Am: Deadmau5 On Film Scoring, NIN, Getting Married And Quitting Social Media

Electronic music superstar Deadmau5 makes his film scoring debut this Friday with the release of the Netflix movie ‘Polar.’ Before the film and score drop this week, Deadmau5 takes me through defining moments in his career, from first wearing the mouse head to getting married.

H/T: Your EDM

Photo: Rukes.Com 

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