Watch Deadmau5 Explain Why He Hates Dubstep
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Watch Deadmau5 Explain Why He Hates Dubstep

one could easily argue that Youtube might be the greatest invention of the 21st century. The fact that humans can record and upload their everyday work is truly amazing.

Electronic music, just like Youtube, came on strong in the past ten years. The rise of the DJ/producer owes much of its success to the early days of the streaming platform. Youtube allows fans to engage and learn about their favorite producers on a more personal level.

To pay homage to both Youtube and some of our favorite artists, we plan to bring you some of the coolest stories, interviews, live sets, and everything in between, found deep in the depths of Youtube.

First on our series of Youtube greats is none other than the Mau5. Let’s not sugarcoat it here: we all know how much of an ass DeadMau5 is. So, it’s only appropriate our first video is a interview conducted by FUSE in 2012 detailing why Deadmau5 hates dubstep.

Deadmau5 claims it isn’t the fans or culture itself, he just “really can’t f*cking take the music.” And while most people will not agree with this statement, he is probably correct. The clip is about 5 minutes long, and the dubstep bashing remark starts around the 4:14 mark. The rest of the videos is pure gold, so give it all a watch.

Watch the clip below:

stay tuned for more from our youtube archive series.

Featured Photo: Rukes.Com

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