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Deadmau5 is Bringing the Cube V3 Across North America This Fall/Winter

After a long hiatus from social media, Deadmau5 is back and ready to play. With some tweaks here and there, it seems that his newest creation, Cube V3, is ready to tour across the United States. The Cube V3 is making its debut this weekend at Ultra Music Festival. The cube will include all visuals and externals completely designed by Deadmau5 as he pushes the boundaries of live visual elements.

In an interview with the Miami New Times, he explained:

“I need everyone to know how much of a fucking insanely stupid technological feat this is. I’m not just some fucking dick who gave a VJ $500 a show to monkey around with some bullshit. That’s important, because we have all this tech and no one’s fucking using it.” – Deadmau5

Preparation for the Cube V3 was long, but the outcome will be tremendous; his hard work truly paying off.

If Deadmau5 is stopping in your city, don’t miss out on the music and this technical visual feat.

Featured image by Matt Barnes. 

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