Day for Night Festival: Where Light and Sound Collide - River Beats Dance

Day for Night Festival: Where Light and Sound Collide

Approaching in less than one week is Day for Night, the weekend-long music and art festival in Houston. One of the most unique attractions on the festival circuit, Day for Night does a remarkable job of “combining headlining musicians with immersive art installations, Day for Night transforms live music production by introducing new sensory experiences to the festival landscape. “

Light and visual artists from all over the world swoop down on Houston to create site-specific gallery installations transforming the Barbara Jordan Branch Post Office into an artistic haven of smooth lines and mind-bending shapes. Day for Night festival truly stands out from the myriad of music festivals by bringing an intricately curated experience for fans to not only just to enjoy but to immerse themselves in. What makes Day for Night so different? We’ve outlined a few reasons below of what makes Day for Night the “festival of the future”.

Hand-picked Eclectic Lineup

Photo by Roger Ho (
Photo by Roger Ho (

For some time now, music and visuals have gone hand in hand. The overall goal of this event is to combine two extremely sought-after audiences: Those who attend “high class” art events, and those who have extremely particular ear for music.

Day for Night’s musical lineup is one of the most diverse selections of artists ever assembled. The goal of lineup was to give fans a lineup that could be considered a “once in a lifetime experience”

Leading the lineup is Irish electronic producer Aphex Twin. Known for his work with acid and techno, Aphex Twin is hands down one of the most highly revered electronic music artists of all time. This will be his first American appearance in nearly a decade. Icelandic singer, songwriter, and actress, Bjork will be performing as part of several active art installations. The lineup includes musicians from Blood Orange to Butthole Surfers, Odesza, Travis Scott, Kaskade, Run the Jewels, Banks, Sophie and the legendary Squarepusher.

Interactive Art Installations

Photo by Roger Ho (
Photo by Roger Ho (

Day for Night has curated some of the greatest visual artists under one roof.

One that stands out in particular and our staff’s absolute favorite is the duo Nonotak, comprised of a world class illustrator and a Japanese architect/musician. Nonotak realizes that projects combine physical and virtual elements manipulated by both light and sound, bringing truly astonishing experiences to the senses. Also, on the lineup are superstars United Visual Artists and the aforementioned Bjork installations.

Day for Night boasts several international artists as well, who have come from all over the globe bringing an amazingly diverse experience. This is an amazing opportunity for fans to witness art installations from all over the world.

Lighting Up the Night

Photo by Roger Ho (
Photo by Roger Ho (

In reality, the name Day For Night is an elaboration on the festival’s goal of “faking” a day scene into a night scene. The technology-based installations present the mystic of the night during the presence of day. The installations themselves are immersive shows of music, art, and culture. The rendering and shaping of light, show it in ways humans are not accustomed to seeing.

The combination and dialogue of music, art, and venue, makes the festival itself an immersive art piece. Day For Night’s passionate curation of music and art allows the festival to be mentioned with some of the top transformational festivals in the country, such as Electric Forest, Sonic Bloom, Symbiosis Gathering, and of course, Burning Man.

It would be wise to remember that this is an art festival. Don’t spend all of your time listening to the stages!

Phenomenal Pre-Party


Even their preview party has an impressive group of artists playing. This super exclusive party (offered with VIP and GA + Friday tickets) has complimentary beverages and snacks, meet & greets, and live speaking panels. You won’t want to miss this intimate experience, if you got a GA + Friday or VIP ticket, you will have access to the Day for Night Pre – Party on December 16th featuring a DJ set from Bjork, DJ Windows 98, Kam Franklin and Light Wheel.

And of Course.. YOU!

Photo by: Julian Bajsel
Photo by: Julian Bajsel

Day for Night wouldn’t be what it is without the amazing people who attend it. All of the hard work put in wouldn’t have a home if there weren’t people to enjoy and interact with it. So bring your friends, bring your weirdest self, and get ready for an experience of a lifetime!

We will see you all there if you find us come say hello!


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