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Daily Bread Taps Into 1950’s Sci-Fi to Deliver Soulful New Album ‘Navigator, Standby’

Rhett Whatley, aka Daily bread, is a frequent artist on River Beats. Just last month, we premiered his “Daily Basis” mix, a popular SoundCloud series for fans that we still listen to today!

His music is unlike many of his peers. As one former River Beats staffer once said: “If Pretty Lights and Gramatik had a love child raised in the streets of Atlanta, it would be Daily Bread.” His ability to combine elements of electro-soul, funk, and hip-hop beats is seamless.

Today, Rhett unveiled his latest and most unique body of work: Navigator, Standby. The album features eleven new singles designed around a 1950’s retro sci-fi aesthetic with a futuristic sound.

“This album is dedicated to cosmic breadheads everywhere. Given the vastness of space and the immensity of time in which we exist, it is my intense joy to be sharing this moment in time with you.”

– Daily Bread

Each name on the track is themed around an old, outer-space aesthetic. “Interstellar Frequency,” “Alien Creatures are Landing,” “Spaceships on I-285” are a few examples of the space theme. Vocal hooks resemble old school American Sci-fi movies add a unique element throughout the album.

Daily Bread’s ability to interweave these visual elements with musical production is a breath of fresh air to fans. It is a relaxing, yet peaceful album meant to be enjoyed all the way through.

Dive into Navigator, Standby below:

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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