Daily Bread Debuts Brand New Sample Collage on ‘Bread & Breakfast’ Livestream [Watch]
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Daily Bread Debuts Brand New Sample Collage on ‘Bread & Breakfast’ Livestream [Watch]

During these strange quarantine times, we’ve done our best to pivot to live streaming some of our favorite producers around the world. While we enjoy tours and festivals, we understand that the world is on pause for the time being. 

To continue our live series today, we invited one of our favorite artists onto our channels this morning, electro-soul wizard Daily Bread. Daily Bread has been on our radar for the better part of 5 years. We booked the producer on two separate events, including a sold-out show in New Orleans during Pretty Lights two-day new year’s eve run in 2016. 

Daily Bread’s “Bread and Breakfast” featured over an hour of some soulful vibes that gave viewers the chance to relax and not worry about the stress of life. And if an hour of the Bread wasn’t enough, a new sample collage, and a fantastic animated video surprise for “Rocketship” during the last 5 minutes of the stream really bring this one home. If you missed the Livestream you can catch everything below!

View Bread and Breakfast via our Facebook page HERE or Twitch channel below!

To donate to Daily Bread: Venmo: @Hawksnestmusic or Paypal: Sup@thehawksnestmusic.com

Watch Daily Bread’s special ‘Bread and Breakfast’ Live on River Beats from RiverBeats1 on www.twitch.tv

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