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Daft Punk Adds Art Curators to Their Achievements With Electronic Music Art Exhibit in Paris

It seems that music producers, movie scorers, and six Grammys isn’t enough for this duo. Daft Punk has teamed up with Philharmonique de Paris, an art museum in France, and Kraftwerk, for “Electro de Kraftwerk a Daft Punk.”

The exhibit, titled From Kraftwerk To Daft Punk, is specially dedicated to electronic music. During the middle of the exhibit run-time is a special performance from Kraftwerk on July 11, 12, & 13. The exhibit begins next month, April 9th, and runs through early August.

In an article by The Quietus, they reported that Daft Punk’s installation revolves around their 2005 iconic hit “Technologic.” Everyone knows this song and music video. It will certainly be interesting to see what the duo creates.

Both Kraftwerk and Daft Punk have helped pave the way for electronic music today, so they are knowledgable choices to share the story. For those traveling abroad this summer, make sure to add this to your list!

For more information on the exhibit, dates and times, click here.

Featured image via Jason Merritt / Getty Images.

H/T Billboard. 

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