Cubbi Makes His Debut into Indie-Electronic With 'Rippling' [Listen]
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Cubbi Makes His Debut into Indie-Electronic With 'Rippling' [Listen]

South African based producer Cubbi is entering the forefront of indie-electronic music with his debut single “Rippling.” And right off the bat, we are huge fans! Cubbi has an instantly contagious sound, one that we can’t wait to hear more of. This release is the first of a string of singles, before his debut EP drop in the Spring.

Though the song at first listen sounds like a love song, it is actually an ode to mental illness. Check out what Cubbi says about that below:

“…it’s actually a song about mental illness, and how it affects the creation of my music and art. The hook, ‘One touch is all I need, you send my body rippling don’t you see’ is about how those overwhelming moments can allow you to see or feel something very clearly, something that might otherwise be hard to understand, and those moments of clarity really inspire me when it come to self reflection and writing music for myself. So yeah, I guess it is a love song, but one to mental illness.”

Give “Rippling” a listen now!

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