Crywolf Continues Reimagined Series with 15-Track Remix Album [Listen]

Crywolf Continues Reimagined Series with 15-Track Remix Album [Listen]

After a string of releases all summer long, Crywolf’s final remix album to widow [OBLIVION pt. 1] is here. Crywolf unveiled the OBLIVION [Reimagined] series following the release of his long-awaited album; the series saw revamped version of tracks from artists across the electronic music sphere. Chicago-based producer Mielo kicked things off with his remix to “DRIP,” and also saw remixes from Ian Munro, Last Heroes, and more.

The finalized project, oblivion [REIMAGINED] sees 15 reimaginations, 10 previously released and 5 new ones. Among the 5 new recreations includes versions from Shizuo, One True God, Synchronice, HVDES, and Skrybe, the latter of which won the “ULTRAVIOLENT” remix contest hosted by SKIO Music. 

Give the remix album a listen below in its entirety:

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