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Crywolf Taps Into A Lucid Dream With New Single “c e p h a l o t u s” [Listen]

Crywolf is not a new name for me, the producer/songwriter was on my radar ever since Bassnectar remixed his single “Rising Rising.” But I’d be lying if I said I’ve kept an eye on his work since.  It’s been a good while since I’ve listened to anything from Crywolf, but after his newest release, the producer has my attention.

This dream-like state Crywolf creates in “c e p h a l o t u s” features haunting vocals, atmospheric beats, and cinematic instrumentals. It’s almost impossible to stick Crywolf into a genre or realm of music. His vocals and songwriting ability clearly elevate him above the dance music moniker, while his production skills show he can do the best of both worlds. He is one of several producers carving his own path in every blending realm of dance music.

“c e p h a l o t u s” is the last single from Crywolf in 2018, as he plans to release a full-length LP in early 2019.

Stream/watch “c e p h a l o t u s” below!

Featured image via artist. 

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