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Texas Native Crizzly Works With YDG on Heavy Dubstep Track ‘Knocked Out’ [Listen]

The King of Crunkstep, aka Crizzly, is proving his rightful reign of filth this year. With releases like “Bangin’” and “Riot”, the loyal subjects of Slice Gang have no choice but to salute this dubstep royalty. And today, the Texas native teamed up with rising producer YDG for their new track, “Knocked Out.”

“Knocked Out” will have listeners sweat-soaked, dancing in a sardine-packed room until 6 A.M.

The adrenaline pumping drum patches work with vocal chops and alarm sounds to create a high-voltage buildup. After the phrase, “somebody gonna get knocked the f*** out,” the track explodes into a wubbed out headbanging anthem. The bass line punches like Mike Tyson, as the wobbly synths deliver an enormous electric current to the heart like a defibrillator.

Give the track a listen below:


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