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Creative Ideas for Business Greetings and Giveaways

Preparing your business greetings and giveaways when the Christmas season is near is a tradition that most companies have been in their years. This is not just to thank the many people and companies for their partnership but to also share a little something for the holiday. These are some of the best ways to show appreciation for the entire year and usually signal for interest to further relationship with them as a new year unfolds. Either way, this reflects greatly on your own business as it shows that you care about these relationships. In order to make your own giveaways to stand out and be remembered well, you can incorporate these creative ideas to make it more memorable. 

Ask Your Customers and Clients for Their Output

You can open entries from customers or clients. This can generate noise as well and bring out the creatives who are fans of your brand. You can tie up this project with a process or cause to encourage people to participate. The entries can create the pool from where you will choose the final design of your business Christmas cards and other season memorabilia. It usually gives a great impression to the company as they show that they are open to the idea and output of people who are part of their company indirectly.

Allow Participation from Everyone in the Business

Multiple heads are better than one and it always works because there are more ideas laid on the table to choose from. Encourage each member of your company to participate by opening a suggestion box and accept entries to use as the layout for your greeting and giveaways. You can either make this a contest where you choose the crowd favorite or you can also give prices to participants and the eventual winner. You can appoint a committee to oversee this or have each department choose a representative or aim to make a series of final output so more entries can be chosen. It will surely be more meaningful for your employees if they have direct involvement in this project. 

Make it Personalized

Receiving a personalized giveaway feels like receiving a gift especially if you find your name on it. Though your giveaways look uniform and the same, you can make the receiving end feel more special because of it by simply addressing it to their name and putting simple messages there. It can be as simple as putting a Christmas quote or others. The most important thing is that the receiver will feel the effort in naming them no matter how many of them there are. For the more general ones where you aren’t sure yet of the receiver, choose a series of different messages so they won’t receive similar ones but have a bit of variety. 

It is simple to make creative and unique business greetings and giveaways. The more there are people who are willing to participate in it, the more it can turn out better. It makes everything incredibly unique and special because there are more people who made this project possible.

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