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Crazy P Brings the Funk With ‘Truelight’ EP [Review]

Dance music hasn’t forgotten about disco, and you shouldn’t either. On Friday, July 14th, British group Crazy P released their Truelight EP. The band brings a unique sound, paying homage to funk, disco, and house music by blending them all together. Tracks are often backed by soulful vocals from lead singer Danielle Moore.

Stream Truelight below:

Crazy P’s latest EP contains four tracks – two original singles and two remixes.

“In My Hands” starts off slowly, incorporating Danielle Moore’s sultry vocals and a subdued instrumental. As the track progresses, it gradually adds more melodies and percussion. For any DJ looking to warm up a dance floor, this is it. Next up, “One True Light” is a tale of two halves. Several minutes into the track, there’s a sudden change-up. A heavy, funky bass line begins, accompanied by deep vocals reminiscent of an old-school R&B track. Listeners can almost visualize how it would entice club-goers to migrate from the bar to the dance floor.

The next track on the EP is a remix of “In My Hands”. It calls upon the remarkable remixing talent of Hot Toddy, one of the two producers for Crazy P. It’s a faster, more melodic take on the original, making an ideal selection for a party’s peak hours. Finally, the EP concludes with Ron Basejam‘s remix of “One True Light”, a very different take on the original.

For longtime fans, Truelight is a must-have. For new listeners, this is a solid introduction to the band’s sound. Crazy P already boasts a discography of 7 albums, so there’s plenty more to listen to.

The Truelight EP is available to stream and purchase on all major platforms HERE.

Featured image courtesy of Crazy P.

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