Crankdat Returns for First Single of 2021: 'Better Without You' [Listen]
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Crankdat Returns for First Single of 2021: ‘Better Without You’ [Listen]

With his first release of 2021, Crankdat returns to Monstercat for “Better Without You,” featuring vocals from singer/songwriter JT Roach. Crankdat, aka Christian Smith, wrote this song alongside Roach, Madi Yanofsky, and Todd Spadafore, and the team realized it was going to be an instant fan-favorite.

“Better Without You” is the release from the dubstep powerhouse producer in 6 months, following up to “Dark Room,” also released on Monstercat – a sign of more to come from the multi-faceted label.

In just a few years, Smith exploded from his city in Ohio thanks to his multi-faceted and unique sound design. His remixes and originals are regulars were frequently found in most festival sets pre-COVID.

Even more so, Smith himself fully represents the Crankdat brand: from designing his own artwork to creating his show visuals, Smith pours his heart and creative energy into building the brand to connect with fans not just through music, but visually as well. Stay tuned for more this summer.

Featured image via artist.

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