Could this Unreleased Track be Bassnectar's First Song Ever?
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Could this Unreleased Track be Bassnectar’s First Song Ever?

Editors Note: Since publishing this story, it has come to our attention that “The Weird Drunken Uncle” fan page are responsible for un-earthing “Needzasubwoofer” 


Lorin Ashton, more commonly known as bassnectar, is A True “Og” of electronic music production and energetic live performances. In 2002, Ashton made the monumental transformation from DJ Lorin to his current producer-name, Bassnectar. And, in that same year, he released the first track under the Bassnectar moniker, called “Needzasubwoofer.”

Experience “Needzasubwoofer” for yourself:

Download the track HERE! 

The track, titled “Needzasubwoofer,” was thought to be lost in translation; until after recent digging, the audio has resurfaced. The five and a half minute track immediately reminded me of tracks played during Basslanta Night 1 consisting of slow breaks and wompy beats.

A screenshot from the old Bassnectar website can be found below with background information of the track from Ashton himself. 

Why is “Needzasubwoofer” such an important part of Bassnectar’s history?

Entering the scene mid-1990’s, his out-of-control sets at Burning Man allowed him to gain momentum and appreciation for the genre. Bassnectar’s contribution to electronic music has stayed consistent despite the rise of new genres and sub-genres over the years. The Bassnectar sound has proven itself to be timeless.

As his sound and talent began to grow, DJ Lorin took the stage through 2001. “Freakbeat for the Beatfreaks” and the “Mystic Groove Compilation” were the two original mixtapes/albums (has been argued that “Freakbeat” can be considered an album) he released as DJ Lorin prior to the transition to Bassnectar in 2002. And, that’s all she wrote.

With “Needzasubwoofer,” the emergence of Bassnectar–and his Bass Heads–electronic music would never be the same.

Photo by Vincent Cornelli (2010)

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