CouchFest Announces One-Year Anniversary Live Streamed Event
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CouchFest Announces One-Year Anniversary Live Streamed Event

As the live stream that started it all, CouchFest is set to host its first-anniversary live stream next month and organizers are ramping up in a big way. Taking place over March 22 – 28, the celebration will be better and the party will be going even longer in 2021. Spread across 7 full days, the live stream will consist of four nights of label takeovers leading up the weekend, along with raffles and giveaways, artist drop-ins, and some lofty bass music headliners.

Last year’s CouchFest and CouchFet 2.0 streams were wildly successful, raising over $10K to support artists affected by COVID-19. This year, the promotion company says it is adjusting to a new payout model for its one-year celebration. “We’ve observed and heard feedback from artists that audiences are generally tipping less,” CouchFest co-founder Brittany Heit said. “Many people are still unemployed and viewers are experiencing tip fatigue.”

This year, CouchFest will be raising funds through raffles and giveaways from a range of sponsors. With a $20 suggested donation, users will be entered into a raffle with the grand prize winner receiving a $600 bundle from SUBPAC. Still, the original intention of CouchFest sits at the core of their next major installment. Viewers will still be able to tune in for free and VJs will once again be propped up alongside music headliners.

Brittany Heit continues, “Life is better when we help each other. In times like these, we need to take care of each other. We also need music more than ever right now. In times that are highly uncertain, we turn to the things that we know, and we know that enjoying music is a life truth. To say it is a human truth would mean that birds or animals or even plants didn’t respond to music, but they do. It is something that we all have in common.”

Mark your calendars for CouchFest’s one-year anniversary, which will take place March 22 – 28 on their official Twitch channel. RSVP for the event on Facebook here and Twitch here.

Stay tuned for future announcements, including raffle information, weekend line-up, artist merch giveaways, and “Week of CouchFest” label takeovers. Interested in sponsorships? E-mail

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