Corporate Slackers Release Last Single 'Faith' from Forthcoming EP [RB Premiere]

Have a little “faith” in Corporate Slackrs and their latest release! “Faith” is the second single from the duo’s upcoming EP, Highs & Lows, and intertwines gospel, dance, and pop genres for a cohesive tune.

With the vocals being the main focal point at the beginning of “Faith,” the chorus moves into anthemic and powerful horns that steal the show. Even though there are a lot of different instrumentational elements to the song, they all meld together to create something that is tear-jerkingly powerful.

Give “Faith” a listen below:

Their previous single release, “S.M.S,” also featured live instrumentation with a bit of a darker message; “Faith” is a good contrast to this with a more sunnier disposition. Both songs offer a unique peak as to what’s to come from their upcoming EP, Highs & Lows. The EP “builds the trials and tribulations that reflect the experiences and deep impacts that happened during AJ & Devin’s new West-Coast life.”

On the creation of the song, Corporate Slckers confided that the idea for the chorus and official name of the song was already in the works.

“‘Faith’ is a record about begging someone to take one more chance (knowing that you probably don’t deserve it). I can really understand the feeling of knowing that you’re broken and damaged, but wanting redemption. It’s not healthy to seek salvation in someone else, but it’s very human. I think we channeled all of that for this song, and I am really proud of it.” 

– Grant (Eliason)

Featured image via artist. 

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